Our productions cover a wide range of both broadcast and corporate communications. We’ve covered the spectrum from widely seen television programs and commercials to corporate branding, marketing, training, strategy roll-out, live events, and social media.

Embrace the Power of Multi-Channel, Multi-Platform Communications.

Let us help you reach your audience with Maximum Impact!


Robert Levin Productions was established in 1999 to be incredibly flexible and ultra-responsive to our client’s needs.


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A sampling of productions on which Robert Levin / Robert Levin Productions, Inc. has worked.


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Start-2-Finish. We are a full service pre-production, production, post-production, motion design, and business development firm.


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We’ve built our business around what is most important to our clients. Experience. Integrity. And, Excellence of Execution.


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  • Our Commitment is Unmatched and Our Passion is always Evident!–Our Motto

  • You’re Only as Good as Your Last Production.–Studio Wise-Words

  • Conceive. Plan. Plan. Plan. Develop. Plan. Plan. Plan. Achieve!–Our Studio Saying